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Sun State Martial Arts

Heavily influenced by the kung fu of southern China, our martial arts program focuses on developing self-defense and practical martial arts competency.


  • Application Drills
  • Progressive Sparring
  • Detailed Technical Refinements.


Our goal is for you to develop the ability to apply martial arts techniques dynamically while under pressure.


We are committed to a safe and progressive training experience that is both challenging and rewarding to martial artists of all skill levels.


Martial Arts Classes

Our training program places emphasis on application, ensuring that in addition to theoretical knowledge you will also develop the ability to effectively apply your skills in practical situations while under pressure.


By training in scenarios which mirror real-life challenges, you will develop the confidence, competence, and adaptability needed to effectively apply your abilities in practical situations. Whether it’s self-defense, competition, or real-life scenario, we can facilitate a path with the necessary training and experience for you to perform at your best.

martial arts

Private Lessons

One of our instructors will work one-on-one with you, ensuring an individualized approach designed to help refine your techniques, address specific challenges, and accelerate your progress.

Special lessons & Guests

Events & Seminar

Unique learning opportunities that offer in-depth perspective into various concepts, styles and techniques, helping you to further develop your skills and understanding of the arts.

Pompano Beach, FL 33062

MONDAY : 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
WEDNESDAY : 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

15 minutes early is on-time, on-time is late.

bridge sparring / pushing hands
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Kung Fu & Tai Chi
martial arts

  1. Effective martial arts for self defense.
  2. Fun exercise alternative to boring gym routines.
  3. Learn martial arts techniques and principles.
  4. Develop proper structure and footwork.
  5. Safe & progressive training program for all levels.

Zen Sitting & Meditation

Mastery of empty-mind sitting meditation and pugilistic moving meditation forms (TaoLu) cultivate focus, awareness, & mind-body connection; critical skills for effective martial artists.

Martial Arts Techniques

We train a comprehensive range of martial arts techniques, including: blocks, parries, various striking methods, low kicks, leg sweeps, arm traps, locks, pushing, pulling, & throwing.

Structure & Root

You will learn how to establish and maintain proper structure and root in your movements, this is fundamental to generating power and maintaining stability during combat.

Energy Path Awareness

Develop heightened awareness of your opponents’ movements and intentions. Become able to react quickly and effectively to incoming attacks and changes in your opponents’ positioning.

Partner & Pad Drills

Practice and refine your techniques in a safe and controlled setting. Application drills promote skill development, speed, precision, and timing while also providing a fun and engaging training experience.

Conditioning & Iron Palm

Develop greater resilience to blows and achieve superior bone strength, greater striking power, and an enhanced ability to defend yourself in a threatening situation.

Sensitivity & Disruption

Develop the ability to sense and disrupt your opponent’s balance. Develop an awareness that allows you to exploit your opponent at a precise moment of structural weaknesses.

Progressive Sparring

As you become proficient, you will advance to more dynamic scenarios, this progressive approach builds confidence and mastery for managing a threatening situation while under pressure.

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FAQ – Learn about our club

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the kung fu I'm practicing is good quality?
High quality kung fu can be defined by several factors: martial effectiveness, proper root & structure, underlying concepts & principles. While maintaining combat effectiveness with martial arts techniques (blocks, parries, strike, kicks, sweeps, traps, locks, etc.), it must also contain a fundamental practice of rooting in the stance and moving while maintaining this structure. At higher levels it should also contain principles and concepts related to the management of kinetic energy; how to sense, control, and disturb the structure or path of motion that the opponent creates.
Can I try a class before signing up?
We offer a trial class that will give you a chance to experience our program and decide if it’s right for you.
What is a typical class like?
A typical class begins with a short sitting or moving meditation, followed by pad or partner drills, sensitivity training, and concluding with a dynamic application or progressive sparring session. Classes also include elements of footwork and posture development, bone conditioning, and discussions about martial arts concepts and philosophies.
Do I need a certain level of fitness or skill to participate?
Our classes are available to practitioners of all fitness levels. Beginners are welcome, our coaches will work with you to ensure that you progress at a pace that is appropriate for your current abilities. Advanced practitioners are also encouraged to join and refine their abilities our experienced coaches will introduce you to new techniques and refine the ones you’ve learned already.
How long does it take to learn kung fu?
The time it takes to learn kung fu varies depending on an individual’s dedication, consistency, and natural ability. Martial arts is a lifelong journey, and continuous practice and learning are essential to mastering the arts.
How is martial arts a meditation?
Martial arts practice can serve as a form of moving meditation, as it requires mental focus, concentration, and self-awareness. Through consistent practice, practitioners develop a heightened sense of mind-body connection and learn to maintain a state of mental calmness and clarity even in high-pressure situations.
Does kung fu really work in a fight?
The techniques taught at Sun State Martial Arts Center are practical and effective for self-defense and combat sports. Our coaches focus on teaching members how to apply their skills in real-life situations, while under pressure; preparing them to handle various types threatening scenarios.