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a legacy of pugilism

Martial Arts Influence

龍形拳 Long Ying Boxing

Dragon Shape Boxing, is characterized by its signature movements, strong stances, and powerful techniques. This style emphasizes the development of internal power and the integration of soft and hard techniques, making it an effective and versatile martial art.

詠春拳 Wing Chun Fist

An efficient martial art that emphasizes simultaneous attack and defense. Known for its direct and straightforward approach, this style prioritizes economy of movement with rapid, close-range techniques and low kicks.

白眉功夫 Bak Mei Kung Fu

Also known as White Eyebrow, this style combines swift, aggressive movements with powerful strikes and grappling techniques. It emphasizes the generation of explosive power through connected body mechanics and the application of the Four Energies.

木人樁法 Wooden Man Method

Muk Jong, also known as the Wooden Man, is a training tool utilized in various styles of kung fu. Practicing with a Wooden Dummy will help you to develop a perspective of distance, positional awareness, while also improving your bone conditioning to sustain strikes and blocks.

客家功夫 Hakka Kung Fu

The Hakka styles are family shapes that consist of various martial arts styles. They share a common origin among the Hakka people of southern China. These styles focus on dynamic striking and stand-up grappling techniques. Providing practitioners with a diverse and effective array of skills.

太極拳 Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style Tai Chi, known for its gentle and visually fluid movements. It’s practice emphasizes balance (yielding & advancing), whole body awareness, and structural integrity. This style is particularly suitable for those seeking to improve their structure and stand-up grappling abilities.