Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try kung fu or tai chi?
Kung fu and tai chi are effective forms of fighting and self denfense with benefits that extend beyond fighting ability alone. You will be challeneged both mentally and physically while improving your strength, flexibility, and coordination. The methods help to develop focus in the moment and reduce stress from everyday life.
What is a typical class like?
A typical class begins with a short sitting or moving meditation, followed by pad or partner drills, sensitivity training, and concluding with a dynamic application or progressive sparring session. Classes also include elements of footwork and posture development, bone conditioning, and discussions about martial arts concepts and philosophies.
Can I try a class before signing up?
We offer a trial class that will give you a chance to experience our program and decide if it’s right for you.
Do I need a certain level of fitness in order to participate?
No, our classes are designed for individuals of all fitness levels. We will work with you to help you develop your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness over time safely.
Does kung fu really work in a fight?
The techniques taught at Sun State Martial Arts Center are practical and effective for self-defense and combat sports. Our coaches focus on teaching members how to apply their skills in real-life situations, while under pressure; preparing them to handle various types threatening scenarios.
How do I know if the kung fu I'm practicing is good quality?
High quality kung fu can be defined by several factors: martial effectiveness, proper root & structure, underlying concepts & principles. While maintaining combat effectiveness with martial arts techniques (blocks, parries, strike, kicks, sweeps, traps, locks, etc.), it must also contain a fundamental practice of rooting in the stance and moving while maintaining this structure. At higher levels it should also contain principles and concepts related to the management of kinetic energy; how to sense, control, and disturb the structure or path of motion that the opponent creates.
How is martial arts a meditation?
Martial arts practice can serve as a form of moving meditation, as it requires mental focus, concentration, and self-awareness. Through consistent practice, practitioners develop a heightened sense of mind-body connection and learn to maintain a state of mental calmness and clarity even in high-pressure situations.
How long does it take to learn kung fu?
The time it takes to learn kung fu varies depending on an individual’s dedication, consistency, and natural ability. Martial arts is a lifelong journey, and continuous practice and learning are essential to mastering the arts.
What do I need to bring to my first class?
For your first class, we recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes (black, white, or grey colors preferred). You won’t require any equipment for your trial class however, we do recommend bringing a water bottle.
I have pre-existing injuries/limitations, can I still practice kung fu?
Yes, we will work with you to modify techniques and exercises to accommodate any pre-existing injuries or limitations you may have. Safety is our top priority, and we want you to have a positive and rewarding training experience.
I’m not very athletic or coordinated. Will that be a problem?
Not at all. Our classes are designed to help individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. We wwill work with you to develop your coordination and athleticism safely over time.
I dislike gym workouts, will this be similar?
No, martial arts training is a unique and engaging way to stay fit and active. Our classes are designed to challenge you both mentally and physically, providing a dynamic and fun alternative to traditional gym workouts.
Will I get beat up or injured during class?
No, safety is our top priority. Our classes are designed to challenge you while providing a safe and supportive training environment. We will work with you to ensure that you progress safely and avoid injury. We have zero tolerance for bullying and hazing.
Am I too old to begin learning kung fu?
Martial arts training is suitable for individuals of all ages. Our classes are tailored to accommodate individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Infact the principles of Tai Chi were designed for an aging individual to continue training and remain effective in martial arts.
How does membership work?
Options include a $25 trial membership, $200 per month membership, and $35 drop-in fee. Our monthly membership includes unlimited classes, discounts on private lessons and seminars, access to our supportive community, and access to our online resource library. The nature of our practice is progressive, so we do recommend a membership.
Do you have belts or tests?
We do not have belts nor tests. Progress is determined by proficiency alone. Our coaches will note your progress during sparring and other exercises. Rank in each skill will be awarded as unconscious competence is attained.
Are there any additional costs beyond membership dues?
There are no additional costs beyond membership dues, except for the purchase of personal equipment such as additional uniforms and protective sparring gear.
Do I need any equipment to begin training?
You do not need any equipment to begin training. We provide everything you need for your first few classes. After that, we recommend you purchase personal equipment such as additional uniforms and protective sparring gear, which can be obtained through our school website. Our coaches can advise you on what equipment is needed based on your level and goals.
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