kung fu & tai chi


If you are uncertain about joining, consider a trial. One of our coaches will work with you, introducing you to the basics of our system. This will also allow you to experience the facility and meet some of the members.

During the trial, you will learn essential concepts like the mid-line theory and the four gates. You will also get acquainted with the fundamental stances horse stance and bow stance, as well as basic stepping movements, pressure step and retreating step.

If that proves too simple for you, we will progress to basic partner or pad drills that combine stepping and punching. The main focus will be on proper footwork.

For those interested in personalized training, we also provide private lessons.


Martial Arts 2 Session Trial


Progressive & effective

Training Curriculum

These personalized sessions include warm-up exercises, meditation, drills, theory, and practical application. Each lesson is specifically designed to challenge and inspire you, enabling you to refine techniques, learn new skills, and develop your abilities safely and progressively.

At Sunstate Martial Arts Center, our training draws significant influence from the rich tradition of southern Chinese martial arts. These styles are renowned for their aggressive and dynamic hand techniques, as well as their powerful footwork. Southern styles possess a distinct appearance that sets them apart from their northern counterparts.

During our training sessions, we will also incorporate advanced methods including energy redirection and touch sensitivity. These techniques are instrumental in establishing control over your opponent and facilitating seamless transitions between striking and stand-up grappling ranges. As you advance in your training, you will gain comfort and proficiency in each combat range, allowing you to execute techniques instinctively with proper structure and timing.
  1. Stillness and moving meditation forms.
  2. Partner application and pad drills.
  3. Structure and stability development.
  4. Energy redirection and touch sensitivity application.
  5. Technique refinement and theory discussion.
  6. Progressive sparring and realistic scenario simulation.
  7. Dynamic application under pressure.

龍形拳 Long Ying Boxing

Dragon Shape Boxing is a martial art distinguished by its unique movements, strong stances, and devastating strikes. This style focuses on cultivating internal power and seamlessly combining soft and hard techniques, resulting in an effective and adaptable fighting system.

詠春拳 Wing Chun Fist

Translating to, “Everlasting Springtime” this martial art is known for its simultaneous attack and defense techniques, emphasizing efficiency and directness. It employs rapid, close-range strikes and low kicks, showcasing a straightforward approach and economy of movement.

白眉功夫 Bak Mei Kung Fu

Also referred to as White Eyebrow, this style blends swift and aggressive movements with impactful strikes and proficient grappling techniques. It places a strong emphasis on generating explosive power through precise body mechanics, as well as utilizing the principles of the Four Energies.

太極拳 Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style Tai Chi is renowned for its graceful and visually fluid movements. Its practice emphasizes the cultivation of balance through a combination of yielding and advancing techniques. Whole body awareness and structural integrity are key aspects, making it suitable for individuals looking to enhance their foundation and stand-up grappling abilities.

木人樁法 Wooden Man Method

Muk Jong, or the Wooden Man, is a training tool employed in multiple styles of kung fu. Training with a Wooden Dummy enhances your understanding of distance, positional awareness, and improves bone conditioning for effective strikes and blocks.  The dummy will give auditory and physical feedback when you engage with with properly.

客家功夫 Hakka Kung Fu

The Hakka styles encompass a collection of martial arts systems originating from the Hakka people of southern China. These family-based styles we passed down through generations often staying within the originating family. These styles are known for their dynamic and effective techniques, providing practitioners with a versatile range of skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does kung fu really work in a fight?
The techniques taught at Sun State Martial Arts Center are practical and effective for self-defense and combat sports. Our coaches focus on teaching members how to apply their skills in real-life situations, while under pressure; preparing them to handle various types threatening scenarios.
Do I need a certain level of fitness or skill to participate?
Our classes are available to practitioners of all fitness levels. Beginners are welcome, our coaches will work with you to ensure that you progress at a pace that is appropriate for your current abilities. Advanced practitioners are also encouraged to join and refine their abilities our experienced coaches will introduce you to new techniques and refine the ones you’ve learned already.
How do I know if the kung fu I'm practicing is good quality?
High quality kung fu can be defined by several factors: martial effectiveness, proper root & structure, underlying concepts & principles. While maintaining combat effectiveness with martial arts techniques (blocks, parries, strike, kicks, sweeps, traps, locks, etc.), it must also contain a fundamental practice of rooting in the stance and moving while maintaining this structure. At higher levels it should also contain principles and concepts related to the management of kinetic energy; how to sense, control, and disturb the structure or path of motion that the opponent creates.
What is a typical class like?
A typical class begins with a short sitting or moving meditation, followed by pad or partner drills, sensitivity training, and concluding with a dynamic application or progressive sparring session. Classes also include elements of footwork and posture development, bone conditioning, and discussions about martial arts concepts and philosophies.
Can I try a class before signing up?
We offer a trial program that will give you a chance to experience our program and decide if it’s right for you.