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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial art of remarkable efficiency and practicality with a unique focus on simultaneous attack and defense. Its reputation is built upon its direct and straightforward methodology, a distinct style that places emphasis on economizing movement. This proficiency enables practitioners to unleash rapid, accurate techniques in close quarters. Distinguished by its incorporation of overwhelming hand techniques and invisible low kicks, Wing Chun excels particularly in self-defense situations. Its surge in popularity is attributed to its unwavering commitment to practical application, solidifying its standing as a straight forward and effective martial art.


what is wing chun?

With Wing Chun kung fu we train to master the effectiveness and adaptability of the art through the development of structure and proper technique. Techniques are approached with an open perspective, emphasizing simultaneous attack and block, while also safeguarding vital body areas and targeted zones. This approach yields maximum results with minimal effort, to develop an automatic and subconscious response to threat. In Wing Chun, force is redirected, not met with more force. This approach empowers weaker fighters to overcome stronger opponents. Training emphasizes cultivating touch sensitivity, known as “Bridging,” enabling fighters to instinctively gauge opponents’ energy direction, force, and intent.

Wing chun’s history

 Wing Chun’s roots trace back to 1650-1750 in southern China, believed to be founded by Ng Mui, a skilled nun influenced by Crane and Snake styles. Her innovative approach created a compact kung fu form that exploited weaknesses and offered an advantage over larger opponents, later named Wing Chun after her disciple Yim Wing Chun. The art’s name may also stem from the Siu Lum training hall “Everlasting Springtime”, reflecting its soft and responsive techniques.

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